Our uniqueness comes from our many years of industry experience combined with expertise in pharmaceutical patient care. We are a team of specialists in the fields of pharmaceutics, pharmacology, chemistry, biotechnology and similar fields.

Our team has decades of practical experience in leading positions in the pharmaceutical industry. We are able to rely on specialist knowledge of the development, manufacture, testing and authorisation of medicinal products, cell therapeutics and radiopharmaceuticals, as well as medical devices and cosmetics.

Our many years of experience in the pharmaceutical care and treatment of patients with neurological and rare diseases have made us extremely familiar with their special needs. There is a particular focus on cannabis-based medicinal products.

QMA Team Dennis Stracke

Dr. Dennis Stracke

Managing Director

Promovierter Apotheker und Experte für medizinisches Cannabis.

QMA Team Jörg Schwarz

Dr. Jörg Schwarz

Laboratory Manager and Qualified Person

Pharmacist and chemist.
Expertise in the construction of production facilities and laboratories

QMEDIS Analytics Team Louisa

Louisa Klempert

Deputy Laboratory Manager / Group Leader for instrumental Analysis

Master in Biotechnology

Cornelia Muhr

Mitarbeiterin Qualitätssicherung

Dipl.-Pharm. und Apothekerin mit GMP-Erfahrung seit 2014

QMEDIS Analytics Team verena

Verena Jost

Head of Quality Assurance

Pharmacist with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry

QMEDIS Analytics Team Nele

Nele Teepens

Head of Galenic Development

Pharmaceutical and technical assistant with a BSc in Biotechnology

Anne Braun

Expert in Sterile Manufacture and Ophthalmology

Pharmacist with an MSc in Toxicology

Thomas Wille

Laboratory Assistant / Purchase